stuff happening in manchester

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Feb 10 2005 12:07
stuff happening in manchester

those who know me in real life will know i'm involved with this anarchist radio show

we have a camoaigning what's on guide each fortnight which is taken from the actions and meetings etc listed in the networking newsletter.

thing is, stuff isnt always in there (like the manc anbarchists meeting for instance)

so basically i'm starting this thread for people who want an event publicised on the show (next one is feb 21st) to post a few details on here.

just need info on who's organising it, what it is, when and where and a very brief description plus a contact email or phone no.

could be a meeting, action, demo, social, fundraiser etc.

anyway, post em here (or PM me if for some reason y9ou don't wanna post here)


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