zionist attack pro-palestinian picket - support needed

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Sep 11 2004 15:01
zionist attack pro-palestinian picket - support needed

Hi folks,

Took part to animal rights demo against Zara and the regular saturday picket outside Marks and Spencer (in manchester) by palestinia solidarity campaign was setting things up nearby as well.

Suddenly about 40 zionists surrounded the demo and things got bloody tense. Some of us jumped in to support the pro-palestinian demo. There were some scuffles, a lot of pushing, abuse hurled, zionists calling us terrorists and killers of children. We were completely surrounded, only about 8-10 of us surrounded by a line of cops holding back the aggressive zionists. It was really, really nasty situation. Could have been much worse (hey, thanks for the cops for saving our arse wink )

There was a jewish pro-palestinian who got the brunt of it from the zionists who knew his name and were threatning him and his mother and on numerous times tried to get to him.

Anyways, this has been going on for 6 weeks now (the anti-MS picket has been going on for 3.5 years already) and today was the worst with zionists ferried from all over, including london, to attack the picket, waving israeli flags, wearing Israeli Defence Force t-shirts etc.

If you just can spare couple hours on a saturday please show your support for the picketers until the zionist attacks are over. The pickets start at noon every saturday of every month.