Calling PRESTON! George Fox Six need you!

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Barry Kade
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Mar 13 2006 19:13
Calling PRESTON! George Fox Six need you!

In a move to attempt to limit the impact of local solidarity protests, the authorities moved the George Fox Six case away from from Lancaster to Preston this morning. (Mon 13th March 2006)

Supporters are now urged to come to Preston to show their solidarity. The case is likely to go on for a few more days this week. Please come to:

Court six. Preston Crown Court The Law Courts,Ring Way, PRESTON. PR2 2LL

Thanks to all those who turned up outside Lancaster Crown Court this morning!

Freedom to Protest on Campus!

Universities for Peace Not War!

Research for Human Need Not Corporate Greed!

The 'George Fox Six' are the six student protesters taken to court by the top bosses of Lancaster University. They had been non-violently protesting against unethical corporations hijacking the University. Their protest briefly interupted a 'corporate venturing conference'being held in the George Fox building on campus.

These corporations include the weapons manufacturers at the heart of Bush and Blair’s war machine. Such corporate influence has inevitably put pressure on the University trying to try to silence dissent on campus – hence the arrest and trial of the George Fox Six, five months after the original protest. The original trial convicted them. Now they are appealing. Please come and show your support...