climate camp manchester

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May 4 2006 09:36
climate camp manchester

We were hoping that you would like to be part of the neighbourhood for the Camp for Climate Action.

August 26- Sept 4th

"The camp will be a place for this movement to get together. It will be a

place for new people, people who have never been ‘political’ before but

who want move beyond concern into activity. It will be a place for

experienced activists: old and young, cynical and hopeful. We all need

courage, the guts to step beyond the comfort of our concern or the borders of our group. Climate change casts a long shadow over the future. But we believe this time can be an opportunity, a moment when people come together and say 'enough'."

We are going to be hosting a space with a kitchen, meeting space, camping

space etc. where we can all hang out together, share experiences, make

friends, build a manchester network and have fun.

We meet every 1st and 3rd tuesday of the month at the basement, 24 lever st, manchester to talk about the logistics of our space and to organise fundraising events.

the next couple of events include:

monday 29th may: climate fair starting at noon at chorlton green. With

catch theb rat, tombola, climate change games, recycling workshop, bicycle ride and loads more!

meet at hulme arch at 11am to cycle there together in a nice bicycle parade..

friday 2nd june: speed dating night starts 8.30pm the basment, 24 lever

st, manchester. hang out, meet people, find the love of your life! with

nonsense games like musical chairs and murder in the dark. £3 donation to the manchester neighbourhood.

Please come along to a meeting or to an event if you want to get involved.

With only 2 meetings a month it isnt very far away!

We also need stuff for the camp like:

marquees, solar panels, tarp, carpet, cushions, strong fold up tables,

solar powered soundsystem, plates bowls and cups etc etc. so if you can

help with any of that it would be great.

if you want any more info, dont hesitate to email us.. x