I bike MCR October Update

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Oct 5 2007 16:16
I bike MCR October Update

Update about some bike stuff happening soon in manchester.

The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe
Performances: Friday 19th October 1pm-5pm Whitworth Park, Manchester (opp MRI) Sunday 21st October London Bicycle Film Festival, Bicycle Polo tournament

Hey ladies! Join the Spokes: come to a rehearsal- next one this Sunday 7th
october at 10am at longford park, chorlton. email info@ibikemcr.org.uk if you have any questions or want to know the next practice time

The MCR Dropouts Bike Polo Practice:
Every Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 2pm at Platt Fields Park
Open practice and demo: Friday 19th October 1pm-5pm Whitworth Park, Manchester (opp MRI)

Mcr Bicycle Art Parade and critical mass
Friday 26th October, 6pm, Central Library

woooo it will not only be an amazing bike ride to celebrate the bicycle, to
meet other cyclists, to have an excuse to ride around, to feel part of a bike gang, to have a fun evening etc etc


this month it will also be Manchester's FIRST EVER Bicycle Art Parade! So
dress up your bike in tinsel or glitter or make it look like a dragon or a
fly...whatever..lets get creative!!!!

Thursday 25th October 4pm Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition
(see forbiddenartsmanchester.org.uk for venue information)
Pre-Parade crazy bike welding and bike decorating workshop

If you can, bring old bikes, bits of bikes, spray paint, glitter, tinsel, newspaper, chicken wire, pva glue, paints, plastic bags, welding equipment and skills to the workshop

the last few months have seen around 120 cyclists on critical mass, lets make this one even bigger

see http://ibikemcr.org.uk/criticalmass.htm for info
join the i bike mcr bulletin list:

Ride Safe

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