Leeds glass workers to strike

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Apr 23 2006 11:45
Leeds glass workers to strike
20 Apr 2006

A series of 24-hour strikes by members of the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) begins tomorrow (Friday, April 21) at Allied Glass Containers Ltd in Leeds against management plans for a wage freeze. The 200 T&G members at the plant had sought a modest wage increase.

Tas Sangha, T&G Senior Industrial Organiser says: "Industrial action is not a decision that is taken lightly. The T&G has had a reasonable working relationship with the company in past years and co-operated on many issues.

"But the workforce saw their benefits eroded when the company was bought by the current management team and their final salary pension scheme was replaced with a far inferior money purchase scheme.

"We have done everything possible to avert this action, but our members at Allied Glass Containers feel very strongly about the management proposal that they suffer a wage freeze. The workforce is a very important asset to the company and should be rewarded properly for their efforts. We want to see the company continue to be successful, but not at the expense of our members. The union remains ready to enter into a constructive dialogue to resolve this situation."


Further information: contact Tas Sangha, T&G Leeds Office on 0113 236 4830

Anyone have local info?

This is from imcuk