manchester climate camp meeting tues 7th feb 6.30pm

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Jan 25 2006 11:53
manchester climate camp meeting tues 7th feb 6.30pm

manchester climate camp meeting.

tues 7th feb 6.30pm at the basement, 24 lever st

a meeting for those wishing to be part of the manchester neighbourhood at the camp for climate action, and also build up links of people in manchester wanting to take action on climate change.

the neighbourhood will be a manchester space at the camp that will consist of a meeting space for the manchester group, camping space, kitchen to feed manchester group, workshops and activities.

The meeting will look at:

fundraising- planning events etc.

publicity- promotion of the camp and the manchester neighbourhood

stuff- what stuff we need to get e.g. pans etc.

activities and workshops- before to raise awareness and during the camp.

how our space will work (kitchen, camping space, meeting space etc)

for more info about the general climate camp itself see