MCR critical mass this friday..bring on the summer

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Apr 26 2007 06:41
MCR critical mass this friday..bring on the summer

On the 27th April we celebrate crazy bikes so please come on a crazy bike or a kids bike or a shopper.. its time to lose your cool as the season loses its cool too! Bring on the Summer! If you'd like to borrow a kids bike for the ride please email us.

After this ride we're gonna go hang out in the park so bring beers and food etc. Manchester Bike Polo Team The MCR Dropouts will be having a practise in the park and would love it if cmers would like to have a go!
for more info on their team go to

We cycle round the city to celebrate the bicycle:

It's for anyone that rides a bike;
Its a celebration of getting round the city without polluting it;
Its about every journey being an adventure instead of just sitting on a boring bus or in a stressful car;
Its about cyclists riding together to demand more respect from other road users;
Its a way to meet other cyclistas;

also at that time on friday hundreds of cities around the world do the same thing...all get together for critical mass. its beautiful to know that as you ride with your mates through your own city that all around the world thousands of people are doing the same thing..