Pistols for Two, Breakfast for one

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Peter Good
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Nov 5 2007 14:45
Pistols for Two, Breakfast for one

Last Saturday's East Pennine Anarchist Dining Club ended with three observations.

1. We were worried about recent medical scares on middle class tossers drinking too much wine. We re-classified ourselves as workers and feel we've slipped out of the category.

2. Next time you slip into Borders for a morning latte ponder awhile by the fiction section. Have a quick look at J. M. Coetzee's "Diary of a Bad Year" (on this year's Booker shortlist) and begin on page 11.

3. We learn from our comrades in Leeds that there were hand bags flying after the book fair. Seems a sorry state that some of the young ideologues who patrol Libcom cannot put a case forward that people, over time, cannot change. What with monks leading demonstrations in Burma and lawyers being batonned in Pakistan it is important we remember the flexibility on offer in Anarchism.

Peter Good(TCA)