TRANSPORT events and actions Manchester

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Jan 25 2006 13:50
TRANSPORT events and actions Manchester

Saturday club present a month of workshops, activities and action around TRANSPORT

Thursday 16th Feb 7pm at The Basement:


short films, spoken word, food, workshops and music.

Featuring speakers from a variety of transport related campaigns to explain what they're foing and how you can get involved. Including the No WIdening the M1 Campaign, Save Swallows Wood, Critical Mass and more. Also workshops around what is wrong with our transport systems and possible solutions.

Films include RETURN OF THE SCORCHER- the amazing film that inspired Critical Mass, the monthly world-wide bike ride.


Sat 4th Feb meet 12pm at the basement: Cycle around town in

boiler suits, gasmasks and skeleton outfits chasing urban 4x4s,

ticketing them with leaflets, and basically highlighting transport and

climate change issues

Sat 18th Feb meet 12pm at the basement: street theatre at

Manchester Airport, as planes are one of the worst contributors to

global pollution, aviation themed fancy dress & leaflets are probably on

the cards.

All events are FREE! and open to everybody