Ideas (from Norwich Anarchist Students)

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Oct 15 2003 15:41
Ideas (from Norwich Anarchist Students)

Thought it would be good to have forum for any ideas we had. Here's just some from the e-mails floating around.

* A Free Shop for Buy Nothing Day

- Where, how, etc.

* Idea Spreading Things

- Newspapers/stunts/articles etc?

* Fundraising/Regular benefit gigs for various local groups and activities etc.

* barricade houses of parliment

* try to form a union with other anarchist groups eg

the wombles

*organise a sleep in, "Please be quiet: Apathy in


*A newspaper

*Fundraisers (putting on parties...!)

*Something to do with "The Vagina Monologues" by (Eve


*General showing up of politicians, and the political

system in general

*Anti War Actions

*Anarchist comics

*Campaign Against The Arms Trade things


*Anti-fascist stuff (hopefully won't be necessary!)

*Squatting Info


(Just getting balls rolling...)

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Oct 16 2003 16:43

What do you guys think about linking up with the proposed anarchist student network?

there's a thread on general about it, and quite a long contact list of groups + individuals in Unis.

The Oxford activist group (based on PGA guidlines - anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian) had 350 people sign up!

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Oct 17 2003 14:50

As Norwich Anarchists are now "official" supporters of Kronstadt F.C in San Francisco ( ),

how about going one step further and challenge the police to a game of footie? grin You could attract them with bags of half-time doughnuts. If they bottle it you could always 'play' SWSS! twisted

In the interest of "Harmony", of course......! black bloc

No 'ice-pick' intended!

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Oct 24 2003 15:44

I think that would be a good idea to be part of some larger network. A few of us will be at the bookfair, so hopefully we'll see you there.

350 people! Wow! That's really impressive. Do they have any hints/tips to offer on how they got that many people involved?

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Oct 24 2003 19:11

TBH I think that omitting the word "anarchist" from the name, and basing it on the PGA hallmarks might have somtething to do with it!