Ipswich Anarchists Formed.

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Mar 16 2004 19:03
Ipswich Anarchists Formed.

Another anarchist group has just been formed in Ipswich! Hopefully soon we will be going out on joint actions and will see them posting here. East Anglia bringing back the spirit of them nutty Iceni! black bloc

Norwich City will still kick your arses at football though! wink

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 16 2004 19:45

Waahey Ipswich! I was born there 8)

black star

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Mar 18 2004 19:18

whoaa..you might want to erm..back up a little smile

group is far too strong a word

i think 'cell' might be more apt-the no. of letters reflects the average number of people meeting regularly

on a more personal note, who gives a monkeys if norwich beat ipswich at football-weve got the best local punk scene in england Mr. T

looking forward to coordinating actions and meeting up etc soon

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Rob Ray
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Mar 18 2004 22:59

Ah be a bit optimistic why not roll eyes, could be anything between 4 and 10 in the next couple of weeks, depending on how enthusiastic people are about it.

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Mar 19 2004 08:32

I think you are doing very well. There's 2 of you posting here already which is more than can be said for Norwich!!! wink