Madelaine Albright spectacular by Norwich Anarchist Students

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Oct 30 2003 18:59
Madelaine Albright spectacular by Norwich Anarchist Students

Brilliant action by the newly formed student group last night who gave the Albright enterage a run for their money. Flashy Mercs, private security, bored cops and plenty of eggs! Even watched as people stepped out of the bookshop in support of the students arguements. Great stuff. Well done to Liam and all who went down to the pigshop in solidarity. grin

We managed to talk to a lot of people about the Salonika prisoners and campaign. Anyone who recieved a poster remember to post them up everywhere you can. A date for the action discussed will hopefully be sorted on Saturday night at Fawkin'Judgement Night! Should be a gas! grin

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Nov 1 2003 21:19

Well done to everyone!!

Something we should be well chuffed about @ NAS!!!

The funny thing was that the egg in question did not (unfortunately) hit a murderous bitch, but did instead hit a chief inspector from our favourites the Met!!! Oh joy!!!

Nice one my Son!!!!