Message from comrades in Manilla.

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Jun 14 2005 07:56
Message from comrades in Manilla.

Hi! Norwich,

. Its been several months since I last replied to your mail, did you get it? As for the Manila Infoshop Projekt here, we're currently lookin for a space suitable for our needs. Also, we have new sites up... do check them out :

We used the Dada IMC software for the A-Manila site, feel free to post ur articles/news/events on the site since its an open publishing site, no one is a godamn' webmaster - everyone can be what they want to be in the site , tho this is mostly wimmin runned/maintained site.

Also, we're gonna come up with an asian wide gathering - seems like the first ever in Asia ( involving as many asian countries as possible........) - called as the Interborder meet hopefully we can push this through mid this year - the idea is to meet most of the collectives/individuals across Asia and be able to relate and provide solidarity with each countries issues.theres much about to take place in Asia starting mid this year from People's Global Action to the WTO in Hongkong this December and we strongly felt that as Asians, this is our closest way/means to do something about it.

As for the materials you mentioned, so far we haven't received any if you already send it, must be lost? lemme know anyways if you were able to mail them out and when, I'll follow it up at the post office.

Look forward to hear from you.

Warmest Regards,