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Joined: 7-10-03
Mar 23 2004 15:51

When considering that there are many colleges/institutes in the fine city of Norwich, there must be loads of students here! Well d'uh, I hear u cry!!

Wouldn't it then be sensible for us as NAS, and with the help of the city group, to try and set up a wider city NAS group?

I know it's possible for us to have affiliated members outside UEA in a society.

Wot do people think and how can we go about it in a good way? red n black star

Joined: 26-09-03
Mar 23 2004 22:27

As we decided against having an 'official' Bookfair poster but would have various ones, perhaps you guys could do one and get round city college and the art school etc.

Especially as we have serious fun and games in the evening planned. OOOOHHHHH YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!! black bloc