Norwich activists join SHAC protest at city Sunlight site.

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Oct 1 2003 11:54
Norwich activists join SHAC protest at city Sunlight site.


Pressure from everyone has paid off yet again in the battle to close down HLS. Demos have taken place round the country this week against Sunlight the laundry company who for the last 25 years. have been washing the blood out of lab clothes worn by the animal killers.

They have been contacted by people up and down the country by phone, email and fax, people disgusted by their involvement with HLS and their attempt to double-cross the campaign and carry on working for HLS. Today enough was enough and as activists demonstrated in Leicester and blocked their site in Norwich preventing vehicles entering the depot, Sunlight made a statement to the campaign severing their links with HLS with immediate effect.

“The Sunlight Service Group informed you on 13th July 2003 that they were terminating their contract with Huntingdon Life Sciences. This was done recognising the contractual obligation to serve 3 months' notice. On the

3rd September 2003 we further communicated that the 3 months' notice expired on the 13th October and that thereafter service would stop.

We have today advised Huntingdon Life Sciences that our service to them will cease as of today, following your undertaking that the campaign against our company will cease forthwith.”

The Sunlight Service Group

Sunlight have been given an undertaking that true to our word, unlike them, a request will be put out asking activists to stop targeting them with immediate effect.

A Sunlight worker at the Norwich office today told an activist that HLS have started building work on their own laundry! If this is true, it is yet more expense they don’t need when they are millions of dollars in debt.

And if you are a firm supplying HLS be warned, we are on to you. There is no deceiving SHAC, and there is no excuse for dealing with the puppy murderers and people poisoners. at HLS. grin

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Oct 1 2003 16:06


We received the following from a shop steward at Sunlight. This shows the knock-on effects yet again of the SHAC campaign, making it harder for vivisection labs everywhere to carry out their evil activities. It also shows that within the companies that work with HLS there are decent people with morals and compassion who stick up for the animals.

“Having had the matter of Huntingdon Labs brought to our attention by yourselves we moved swiftly to inform our managers that we would not be willing to handle goods from Huntingdon with immediate effect. Despite threats from management we stood by this pledge. In May of this year we

agreed with management that we would remove fixtures and fittings from Huntingdon Labs premises. It was agreed that this be done by volunteers by October 10th 2003 and further agreed that in the interim we would continue to refuse to handle goods hired to that company. The management assured us that services had ceased in July and we have no evidence that this is not the case.

(NB Sunlight vehicles have been filmed going into HLS up to last week. This shows management at Sunlight lied to their own workers).

Fixtures could not be removed prior to October 10th as Huntingdon refused to release them as per their contract. We pushed for an earlier settlement of all dealings with them without success. We wrote to you expressing our support for your cause and expressing our hopes that you may recognise the contribution Sunlight workers have made toward the closure of Huntingdon Labs which is a commendable aim in our view.

Our actions were not without risk to our personal livelihoods but we remain convinced were morally correct. Sunlight now has no dealings with Huntingdon Labs, a situation brought about in part by us, the Sunlight staff. We have also secured assurances that the company will not enter into future contracts with any company which involves itself with animal experimentation.”


Congrats to all involved. grin

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Oct 9 2003 21:44

erm.. good stuff and everything but isn't all this slightly missing the point? It doesn't matter how many companies withdraw from their dealings with HLS, because HLS will always receive support from the government. (the gov now provides banking and insurance for HLS, after the original service providers withdrew).

HLS conduct work on a contract basis for other companies/institutions who are required to carry out primate experiments by law. They act to draw protest away from these organisations, and concentrate against an 'company' that is supported by the state, and so immune to protests that only cause economic loss. I don't doubt for one moment that the goverment would do the same to the same to HLS as they did to Railtrack should circumstances require it.

The most viable forms of protest to stop animal experimentation are to campaign for the law to be changed and/or physically shut down the labs were the experiments take place.

black bloc smile

this is my first post so dont all jump on me at once tongue

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Oct 10 2003 08:51

erm....Winston....I think you'll find that we are trying to do both!! roll eyes

We are also, by taking on companies who work for HLS, getting to know the workers, as you can see from the posts above, which is an essential part of class struggle my view anyway. grin wink