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Mar 23 2004 16:02

Schnews are apparently doing a tour and are coming to Norwich. Does anyone know about it? And if so shouldn't we get involved some how as it would get our group, ideas and actions out there more.

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Mar 23 2004 22:48

Edited to say this is now sorted.

Venue is the Hog In Armour, Friday 30th April, 7.00.

* Half an hour of short political films

* Presentation/discussion on SchNEWS and newsletters/getting your

message across

* Talk about the G8 summit, planned for Britain in 2005, preferrably


* someone from a local group - (Would someone be up for doing a talk?)

* Space for local groups to publicise what they're doing and give

others a chance to join in

* More films

* Music/time to chat/have a beer and so on

Flyer here :