What we are about

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Sep 18 2003 22:02
What we are about

Norwich Anarchists are a community orientated group of activists that use campaigns and direct action to further the ideals of anarchism. We come from various anarchist backgrounds, uniting in what we have in common rather than our few ideological differences. The group therefore has no strict set of principles and we welcome all who share our libertarian values.

We put a strong emphasis on promoting initiatives that help make working class peoples lives that little bit easier. Scams, loopholes and little known information that can help folk get by are amongst the huge wealth of knowledge that working class people possess as individuals. This knowledge needs to become common place and when promoted can be invaluable when meeting people's everyday needs. We produce a newspaper, Now Or Never! and this website with this in mind. Issues that we've covered in the past are benefits, worker's rights and ways of cutting bills amongst others. If you want a copy of Now Or Never! please send a cheque for 1 pound payable to 'Norwich Anarchists' to PO Box 487, Norwich, NR5 8WE. U.K.

We welcome contributions to both our website and our newspaper. Please email us at: norwichanarchists@hotmail.com. If groups or individuals want to contribute to Now Or Never! please contact us at the above postal address. We want articles etc. on any subject or issue but we especially welcome those that include useful practical infomation. We are currently putting together a benefit CD for our group so any bands that would like to donate a track, please do!

Web address is http://twotins.tripod.com