The 1982 Death of Neil Roberts

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Mar 28 2006 07:12
The 1982 Death of Neil Roberts

I came across this case on-line recently

It is not well known amongst anarchists in the UK, nor I suspect internationally.

What was the effect of his death on anarchists, and anarchism in New Zealand?

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Mar 28 2006 08:26

There is a local anarchist working on a book on Neil's been a long term project of his. The annual Punkfest festival (the largest gathering of punks in Aotearoa) has dedicated itself to Neil's memory...

Most people who knew Neil are no longer active in the community, although a number are...his story is known by most of the younger anarchists (including myself) but it's not talked about often, if ever...

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Apr 7 2006 13:02

I wrote that article, but it's been edited and a few sentences added. Kind of changed some of the meaning. sad

I don't think Neil Roberts death has had much of an effect on the scene here. Some anarchists used to hold annual picnics to commemorate his death.

To me, i don't think his death something to celebrate. i dont hold much hope in individual acts of vengeance changing society for the better. i guess its better to try and take a police computer with you than going down as a passive vicitim tho.

punk was dominant in the anarchism scene in New Zealand/Aotearoa for the 80s and 90s, and so the scene here was very cliquey, lifestyle-ist, sub-cultural, young, angry, moralistic, anti-intellectual, lumpen, animal rights-y. Now in my view it's more liberal and activisty (and i dont think lefty liberal anti-state activism is much better than punk). How cynical is that for my first post?

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Apr 7 2006 13:06

quite cynical. well done



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Apr 7 2006 13:26

thanks, i'm working on my anarcho-cynicalist cred

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Jun 22 2006 09:59

Sorry, someone suggested a re-write for our introduction to our library entry on this:

skraeling I think you sent me the original text too but it was lost, could you please re-send? Sorry, and thanks.

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Jun 23 2006 07:11

I would suggest "A short account of a little known political death in New Zealand. In 1982, an anarchist punk rocker attempted to blow up the Wanganui police computer. He blew himself up in the process."

as discussed before, i think its best to remove the suicide reference as it has never been proven it was suicide or an accident, and he definitely wasn't a suicide bomber in todays parlance ie. aiming to kill innocent civilians

John, i'll email libcom with the original article. do you still have the graffiti photo scan?