2009 UnAustralia Day Capture the Flag Urban Improvement Competition

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Jan 16 2009 14:40
2009 UnAustralia Day Capture the Flag Urban Improvement Competition

If anyone's in Sydney:
Capture the Flag is a protest in the form of a competition.

Capture the Flag is an attempt to halt the proliferation of nationalist symbols through competitive flag stealing.

Australian flags seem to be multiplying. It’s more and more common, more and more normal to display symbols of national pride: from rock concerts to the beach; from flag capes to t-shirts to Southern Cross tattoos.

If anyone had thought that the Australian flag was an innocent symbol of everyone coming together, surely the images of flag-waving violence at Cronulla beach made it clear that nationalism is never far away from racism.

Nationalism depends on exclusion and division. The Australian flag is a symbol of White Australia and ‘border protection’, of fear and hatred of outsiders and of the enemy within.

Australia Day is the anniversary of an invasion, a party to cover over the sorrow and anger of 220 years of Aboriginal dispossession and genocide: injustices that people continue to fight.

To participate:
Form a team of 2 - 5 people

Register your team: email grabtheflag@riseup.net or sms 0420 339 251. Registration opens Thursday January 22.

Gather as many Australian flags or representations of Australian flags as you can, over the Invasion Day long weekend (January 24-26).

Obviously we have no way of knowing if you start the competition early. That’s ok. In fact it’s encouraged: the sooner Australian flags are off the streets, the better.

Anyone caught purchasing any flags will be disqualified, so don’t even try.

Other non-theft methods of obtaining flags (trickery, bribery, blackmail, asking nicely etc.) fall into a very large grey area. Their permissibility is up to the judges, who will make hasty and arbitrary decisions.

Judges’ decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into. Bribery may work, but the judges will not be swayed by friendship.

Competition organisers take no responsibility for any risks you or your team choose to take. Please make your own decisions about possible consequences (eg being yelled at, arrested or beat up) and your willingness to deal with them in the pursuit of half-baked glory and anti-nationalism satisfaction.

Judging will take place the evening of Monday January 26 at an inner-Sydney location to be announced. Please sms 0420 339 251 on the day.

Prizes will be awarded in at least three categories
- Greatest volume of flags
- Best story
-Most impressive item

Prizes may or may not be worth your trouble, but winners will be showered with glory.