3,700 jobs and a host of services cut in SA state budget.

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Oct 2 2010 06:47
3,700 jobs and a host of services cut in SA state budget.

We anarchists have our own more personal beef with Kevin Foley(SA treasurer) for calling us feral low-lives in '08, but this budget just turned most of Adelaide against him.

The state budget was leaked to the media on the 14th of September or so, its suspected by people working the state finance department(who probably read it and figured they'd lose their job because of it anyway) a couple of days before it was actually to be announced. This gave the media plenty of time to sharpen its arsenal for the 'budget special' which came out when the budget was actually announced. Basically we're faced with the following:

One billion dollars in cuts including:
3,700 public sector jobs axed
(possible)Closure of several fire stations
Closure of a prominent Community Centre
Cuts in education spending
Cuts in health spending
etc. etc. the usual, knamean?

Aswell as this, they've been sneakier than usual, and cut long-service leave without going through the collective agreements - they just slashed it through the budget(which I think is against industrial law, but they made that too, so i guess they can ignore it).

As for the 3,700 jobs, we have to take into account all the other work that'll disappear as a result, not to mention all the services that aren't going to function properly(the community centre cuts being the most obvious, education, health and fire protection next). The closure of fire stations seems barbarically insane, considering the weather around these parts.

Tusday the 28th saw a rally at the steps of parliament house called by the Public Servants Association(supported by most other unions, the Greens party, and the Left Unity network) numbering in the thousands, public sector workers from the whole city seemed to make it, including a drive-by in solidarity by fire-fighters. The rally was called because the treasurer was planning to sneak the budget approval through parliament that day, instead of later in the month after parliamentary debate, blah blah, all that democratic stuff.

The demands were clear: hold the labor party to account. The means were not, infact, the means weren't really even mentioned. To us, the means are obvious: Get organised! The PSA can't be expected to be able to carry through any kind of militant campaign against the state!(that's illegal innit?) Anyone who thinks this has their head in the clouds.

Though, it was good to see the PSA leaders call a raucus as vote on the steps as to whether to rally again at the Treasury office on october 8th - with the crowd voting overwhelmingly yes.

So, to the comrades who check this:

Next protest: 08 October • 12:30 - 14:00

Kevin Foley's office - State Administration Centre
200 Victoria Square
Adelaide, Australia

I think we need 1000+ flyers for this, i'll get onto writing one before our meeting on wednesday. Email in key points the leaflet should cover to the Organise! email. Word!

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Oct 2 2010 07:02

I should add: People should add information about specific services/things being cut.

I know the youth arts program/centre Carclew is being shafted, which is fucking massive. Arts is being slashed more generally, not sure how specifically, maybe grants and stuff.

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Oct 2 2010 14:20

hey, good luck with this, please keep us informed of developments. This is happening in just about every region of every social democratic country in the world...

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Oct 5 2010 23:29

More things known to be getting axed:
Funding to the dual-campus Norwood-Morialta high school, which i think is the largest high school in the eastern suburbs, and the only high school with two campus'. It's possible that it'll all have to be squeezed into one campus.

Rent hike for pensioners in state owned housing.

Charging market payment rates for hospital carparks.