5 Australian Greens in the Senate

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Jun 27 2008 14:22
5 Australian Greens in the Senate

5 Australian Greens in the Senate, a time to celebrate perhaps? It certainly is a positive sign for our democracy when a strong progressive-environmental view is held with-in the Senate. In regards to the Democrats, I have no sympathy for them, we all know why no one no longer votes for them. Their policy of not-blocking legislation was eventually going to bring their downfall at some stage. They are blamed for the Howard governments first reforms of Labor rights in the late 90s, that was the beginning of workchoices.
I think the best to come out of the Greens representation in the Senate, is the little basis that exists to the argument that the Greens are 'extremist' or 'fundamentalist'. If you look at the career experience each individual Greens member brings to the parliament, that argument can easily be disposed of. Each are highly educated.

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Jun 28 2008 11:52

I don't think it really represents anything, at all to be honest.
The people exert no more power through these institutions than they did under the Howard government, or any government.
The liberals and Labourites still hold equal(ish) power in the Senate, and they have to just wedge the Greens and some Independents, and Family First (ugh) into allowing their bills to be pushed through.

Nothing promising.

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Jun 28 2008 11:59

I am pretty sure they'll be just as bad as any other party. Just look at what the Greens did in Germany. They were in bloody government!

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Jun 28 2008 13:20

ah you can just guess what a party like Family First are all about grin

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Jun 28 2008 21:39

In Aotearoa we've had greens in parliment, two of whom consider themselves anarchists. It's done wonders for our democracy roll eyes

By the way you're not Insecurity Killer are you?