Adelaide: 'Organise' going on unofficial hiatus

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Apr 19 2012 04:47
Adelaide: 'Organise' going on unofficial hiatus

I was gonna talk about this in a Skype meeting with people from Jura and MAC the other night, but it didn't eventuate, so i figured i'd write about it here.

Our group didn't have a proper meeting since sometime in january, two members have moved away interstate, others have lost energy. There has been an effort to form a General membership branch of the IWW in Adelaide by some, and most energy has moved toward this. It's a little up in the air at the moment.

It's possible that Organise will cease being a formal group, and members will become an informal anarchist presence within Left Unity - a network of socialist groups in Adelaide that has just adopted a formal structure. Network member groups are the CPA, Socialist Alliance, ourselves, the 'eco socialist convergence', and lots of individuals from a variety of tendencies, working jointly on campaigns. This way at least we can pretty much keep doing what we've been doing.

But like i said, it's up in the air, if we can pull together some fresh people and energy, we'll be back.
I think it's very important to have organised anarchist political organisations, in every city, as reference points for new activists, old activists, and to keep the flame alive.

Questions, comments, discussion. Have at it.

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May 7 2012 09:07

Ah, that's no good. I would encourage you to keep pushing for an anarchist group. Whatever you think of the IWW, it is not an anarchist group and it's generally good to promote anarchist ideas and organisation, I reckon.

Maybe working in a leftist coalition is where people were at, but it seems a pity to exchange an anarchist group, even a small one, with something as horrible-sounding as 'Left Unity'.

Hopefully those who are interested in sticking with anarchism stay in contact with the various groups, and I'm sure MAC will continue to support you guys however we can.