Anarchist Federation Australia process meeting 14 June 2015

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Jun 16 2015 21:29
Anarchist Federation Australia process meeting 14 June 2015

A total of six delegates from four candidate groups (Jura Collective, Melbourne Anarchist Club, Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group, Perth Libertarians) met at Jura Books in Petersham at 2.30pm on Sunday 14 June 2015.

An agreement was reached to found the Anarchist Federation Australia (AFA) on a provisional basis.

In summary:

(a) The four groups which had sent delegates would provisionally federate as of today; and

(b) There would be a discussion period until 13 September for circulation of drafts and agreement on a final agenda of the First Congress. This Congress is pencilled in for 13 December, but a firm decision on the date and the venue will be made by 13 September.

It was also agreed to set up a discussion forum, details of which will be made available shortly.

Other anarchist groups are invited to participate.

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Jun 18 2015 16:14

Good luck!