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Mar 30 2010 09:00

I think I already posted something about this but I can't find the original topic so...

After being down for the last 5/6 months, is back up. Point being, I'm in the process of updating the directory for this region, and I know I've missed some things and/or provided incorrect details for some groups and/or projects, so I'm seeking additions and/or corrections.


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Mar 30 2010 09:29

hi there, nice one getting it back online.

I notice the forum is still offline. If you wanted to, you could feel free to use this Oceania Forum as your forum for the time being - we could put a link back to your site from here. We are keen to encourage more use of the site from English speakers in Australia, New Zealand, etc so that we can all stay in more regular contact.

Some other sites do this already, such as the anarchist Federation in the UK,, etc.

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Mar 30 2010 10:17

Just taken a quick look over the NZ stuff:

128 - you should include the phone number (04) 972 7260 and email address

Black Star Books - is back open (I'm fairly sure) after a year or so of not opening at all. Address is Black Star Books
CORSO Building
111 Moray Place
PO Box 812
Dunedin / Ötepoti
Website was which is still up but hasn't been updated in years.

Class War - doesn't exist, hasn't ever really.

Save Happy Valley Campaign - should be Coalition, not Campaign.

The Freedom Shop / Oblong Internet Café - Oblong no longer exists. The Freedom Shop no longer has a shop space, but still does infrequent stalls. They have a Myspace page at and an email address -

also, in the blogs section, you should include:

Garage Collections - - which is the blog of a Beyond Resistance member

Mellow Yellow - - blog by several NZ-based anarcha-feminists of Asian heritage

Stanselen - - no longer active, but might be in the future, written by a Chch based anarchist

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Mar 30 2010 20:34


There's a link to the libcom forum on the pg in q; the forum @ will be back up @ some point, but I'm not dealing with tech stuff, so I dunno when.


Cheers. Will fix.

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Mar 31 2010 02:42

Hey Andy,

Treason is in the process of being "reactivated" so you can ditch the "inactive"...


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Mar 31 2010 08:50

Hey shamass,

In anticipation of Canberra becoming the treasonous capital of Australia, I have ditched the "inactive", poured petrol on it, and set it on fire. I can only hope that The Kids follow suit.

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Mar 31 2010 13:46

Nice one.

Dole Diary is definitely finished, not just moribund. And Anarres is being relaunched this May Day.