Anti-immigration unrest in Australia

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Caiman del Barrio
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Dec 12 2005 03:33
Anti-immigration unrest in Australia

This is off a Danish site, but the report's in English. An impromptu anti-immigration demonstration called in Australia following the deaths of two lifesavers leads to skirmishes with the police. Ugly stuff.

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Dec 12 2005 05:34

i felt very ashamed to be australian yesterday. To see drunken men chasing innocent australians of middle eastern descent is absolutely disgusting. You'll find white nationalists and neo nazis played a big part in converting the congregation against violence into a racist rally. Prominent nazis had been building this up for a week now via stormfront and by leafleting the area. the evidence is here

i can tell you there are ALOT of australians angered by this kind of behavior.

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Dec 12 2005 12:56

I'm half Australian (though I haven't lived there since i was 3) and when i went back recently during the run up to the last election it did strike me as being pretty fucking racist, lots of electioneering about keeping out refugees etc. They also had a 'One Nation' far-right party that did quite well not too long ago and aborigines were being taken from their families and educated to behave like white people (whatever that means) as recently as the 70s.

Having said that, there's not really anything that happens in Oz that doesn't happen here what with Tory (and Labour) anti-immigration electioneering, refugee prison camps, the BNP making gains etc. so it's probably unfair to say that it's any more racist than britain.

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Dec 12 2005 23:53

there are plenty of rednecks in Australia, but Im not too concerned about our country being a racist one. In comparison to the UK we have no far-right political parties. You'll find One Nation (conservative libertarian party) wasnt as extreme as you thought and it no longer stands in elections. What happened on sunday was purpetrated by white nationalists and nazis who organised the violence and disgusting behavior towards people of middle eastern appearance. The rest of the crowd just followed because they were drunk and looking for something to do. Let me say this again. There are alot of Australians angered by this. circle A

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Dec 13 2005 18:29

You love aussies, and their "dunnies".

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Mar 17 2006 04:34
of course not they are if anything, primarily annoying backpacking cocky twats.

Funny... that's a pretty accurate characterological assessment of the hordes of pommy bastards who flee Dead Europe for God's Own Country, get sunburnt, take our jobs, overstay their visas, then go home complaining.

Here's to cultural exchange!


(We got dunnies, bikies, chippies, sparkies, truckies, wharfies... even The Nobbies!)

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Mar 17 2006 04:37

see it was safe for them to give us shit back then because we weren't here

twisted not anymore, suckers