Anyone going to the march in Auckland on Saturday?

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Mar 7 2012 17:29
Anyone going to the march in Auckland on Saturday? reakons theres a protest at britomart 4pm saturday 10th. Anyone know anything about this/is going?

Is it even still on now that they made 292 wharfies redundant and replaced them with contractors? A scary attack on the NZ working class in my eyes - the bosses have absolutely no fear of workers what so ever (we're so meek and unorganised why would they?). Im afraid this is going to open the flood gates.

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Mar 8 2012 06:25


Yeah the protest is still happening, I would go if I was in Auckland (but I'm not, so I won't be). It's organised by the wharfies and their supporters. The contractors haven't been hired yet and that fight still isn't over (though unfortunately I doubt the end result will change) so I definitely think it's worth going.

There's some talk around that the Govt is looking at changing employment law to make it easier to casualise existing jobs which is fucking depressing.

Good to see the Firefighters in the paper today stepping up their industrial action and to hear some talk about linking their struggle up with the wharfies, the locked out meatworkers and the striking rest home workers.

edit - a few details about the demo at

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Mar 8 2012 09:15

I'll be there.

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Mar 8 2012 12:10

Good luck to all of you.

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Mar 10 2012 09:19

How was it?

Estimates seem to be 2000 - 5000 which is pretty good.

TV news coverage at:

Unions band together against ‘vicious employers’ and Thousands rally for sacked Ports workers.

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Mar 10 2012 22:04

Little bit of brief analysis from BR here: