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Feb 25 2007 20:39

Omar - Perhaps a good place to start might be to not badmouth comrades in order to ingratiate yourself with social-democrat union bosses, eh?

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Feb 26 2007 11:30

For anyone interested, I just wrote a little thing on anarchism in Wellington. Was gonna be a critique, but I was feeling too nice, and not energetic enough.

Wellington is a city of around 150,000 people, with around 400,000 in the region, making it the second largest city population wise in the country. In terms of anarchism and political activism, it is by far the largest though, although still relatively small.

In 2005 a few Wellington anarchists got together to organise a weekend focussed on the Wellington anarchist community - in the build up to this, we got together a list of around 95 self-identified anarchists to invite to the weekend (around 60 attended over the two days), so that gives you an idea of how many people there are floating round. The majority of anarchist activity, however, is probably done by around 20-35 people.

While there are only a handful of explicitly anarchist groups in Wellington, there are a number of other groups/organisations/institutions/projects with heavy anarchist involvement. I’ll try to detail most of them here briefly, although I’m sure I’ll forget a bunch!

Won't copy the whole thing here, waste of space wink Head to Anarchia for the rest if you want.

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Feb 27 2007 09:10

just found out what your refering to. Just so you know what actually occured, I was making fun of torrances opinion, and made a flippant comment about the fact that a self-proclaimed "intellectual", was criticising the introduction of an education programme for some of new zealands lowest wage workers. Matt happenned to be in the room with us atthe time. if you have any doubts that this was comment was made in a very light hearted comradely manner feel free to ask meng zhu.

anyhow i'll try write a summary of auckland activism.

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Feb 27 2007 18:41

This is sooo off topic, but for the record I was criticising the Unite-Wananga pact itself, not the education of the Wananga (which could also be criticised too, as could the Wananga itself). There is a big difference. The former is about self-interested financial deals between top-level people of both organisations, a total lack of "democracy" and transparency, and a separation of interests between workers and union management. I am staggered by the lack of perceptiveness most leftist radicals have had of the situation.

And for the record, as it has obviously come up numerous times in the shit I've got back for that criticism, the education I'm currently getting is not free, and I currently have a $30+ grand student loan with an "income" (ie. student loan debt) considerably less than probably even the poorest Unite member.