APEC excluded list - files released

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princess mob
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Sep 7 2008 22:08
APEC excluded list - files released

A journo for the herald, when he wasn't striking, put in a freedom of information application for files about the excluded persons list at APEC. The pdf of the files is on the smh website. They're kind of hilarious, in a sickening way.

His article is here:

'Police included more than a dozen people from Mutiny, describing them as "an anarchist group consisting of a number of layers of trust and information management" that meets "at a covert location" to plan and prepare for violence.'
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Sep 21 2008 10:31

A cover location? Isn't it like, a pub or something? Hahaha
I love APEC. They're the best thing Australia has got in terms of comedy, second only to Thank God You're Here.

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Sep 21 2008 11:39

what's with mutiny being portrayed as a terrorist network ?

- "may have links to mutiny"

Some of them were pretty funny, evil though.