Application to list EPMU as third party

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Apr 4 2008 07:13
Application to list EPMU as third party

What does this actually mean?

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Apr 4 2008 07:51

Under the new electoral finance act, groups (and individuals) are limited as to how much money they can spend encouraging people to vote for or against a party or parties in an election. The limits are higher for political parties than for other groups. The EPMU plans on spending $120,000 this coming election attempting to convince people to vote for Labour, and the only way it can do it is to register as a political party so it has the highest limit...

Hope that explains it!

edit - Just read the article on Scoop, didn't realise the decision had come through. Like all applicants to be a new political party, the EPMU had to be approved by the electoral comission. David Farrar, an active National Party member (and former staffer) objected to this under the grounds that the EPMU already plays a large role in the Labour Party (supplying delegates, giving its members automatic membership in the Labour Party etc). The linked article is basically saying that they have decided his objection isn't upheld and the EPMU will be registered...

(For overseas readers, the EPMU is the largest private sector union in the country, and is intimately connected with the ruling Labour Party. The National Party is the largest opposition party.)