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Dave Antagonism
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Nov 10 2006 07:14
Arterial Block call number 2

A Call to form an Arterial Bloc
for Saturday November 18,
in the G20 protests in Melbourne, Australia

This is what we want: lives worth living, lives of
dignity and autonomy and we want to work together
against capitalism and the state to achieve this. We
want to develop collective power and collective
communication. Not to follow, not to lead, but to work
out how we can organise ourselves.

We believe that an effective bloc is made up of many
people who have many different skills and capacities.
Sometimes the most crucial skills (such as the ability
to care) can get forgotten when the focus is on more
"exciting" things. But we all have something to offer,
and we are equals. None of us are heroes; together we
can help each other to be brave, happy and rebellious.

This is what we’re planning: To confront the G20 more
directly: to go to the Grand Hyatt Hotel the morning
of its meeting, Saturday November 18, prepared for
radical disobedience. We want our disobedience and
our creation of other ways of living to be effective
as we can make it. We have no time for violent macho
fantasy or delusions about Ghandi. Our bodies, our
lives, our desires are too precious to fuck with. We
want to be smart, joyful and defiant, not martyrs.

This is what we’re planning: To carry, as a bloc,
white overalls and bright bandanas to cover our faces
and to be ready, if we decided collectively, to wear
them. We encourage those that want to struggle with
us as part of the Arterial Block to organise this

By having the option of becoming clandestine we are
refusing the rules of the game of civil protest, the
containment of the ‘good protester’. We are choosing
not to be compliant citizens who make their wishes,
and show their faces, to 'their representatives.'
Rather we are relying only on our own disobedience and
our co-operative power.

We are constantly subjected to the surveillance of the
state and yet made invisible by the simulated reality
of power, their media, their ideology, a world of
things and their prices. By having the choice to
become invisible, we can subvert this. They may not
see our faces but we shall show our anger, our
creativity and our ungovernable desires.

This is what we’re planning: there are many things to
discuss. We support, and hope to work alongside,
other groups taking action in whatever way they see
fit. We encourage those who want to be part of
Arterial Bloc to plan with us:

Thursday November 16, 4pm
Friday November 17, 6pm
at: A Space Outside.

For details of meeting call/message: 0437 317 620
For a recorded message of the location of A Space
Outsides, call 0432 526 992

"Your friends will be there when your back is to the
You'll find you'll need us cause there's no one else
to call.
When it was hopeless a decision is what you need."
(theme to 21 Jump St)

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Nov 19 2006 01:24

I'm seeing the riots on the news up here. What's the low down?

Gr...egg, brother, are still around? Did you go to the gathering at South Bank? I wanted to, but had a social engagement and I thought it would be pretty small anyways.

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Nov 22 2006 02:31


Dave wrote:
Secondly the Arterial Block. It is crucial to refuse either a romanticisation or demonisations of this group. At best they seemed to have been a handful of affinity groups that with a minimum of preparation and internal organising attempted a number of the more confrontational initiatives. But so too did many others. Perhaps the only really difference is that the Arterial Block had a public name that the media and police could hang on to. It would be a mistake to see any group as homogenous internally or exercising hegemony over other elements of the mobilisation. If anything the actions taken by this or that section just opened up space for others to fill. The media attempt to portray the Arterial Block as some kind of international paramilitary association is not only totally wrong and an attempt to establish the grounds for the repression of those involved, it also works to create hierarchies within the movement: a hard-core that leads others. Refuse this attempt.

comparing the G20 to the riots in Tonga kind of puts it in perspective a little. it might have opened up some "lines of flight" in Ozzie but can you imagine summit protesters burning down 75-80% of Melbourne's CBD?