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Jun 16 2009 06:38

So i've been moving towards the Anarcho-syndicalist position for a while now and i've tried to get in contact with the ASF but no reply to my emails. I know they're Sydney based but i'm in Newcastle so I don't really have the chance to meet up with anyone. Also in Newcastle all the anarchists i've met tend to be feral types or theres a group of other hardcore enviro anarchists. While i'm totally down with the enviro movement it's not really my 'thing.' The only other anarchist here works between Socialist Alliance/Greens. So yea uhh. Anyone know how I can get in contact or get involved? Also what is the split between the ASF and the other A-S organisation in Australia?


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Jun 16 2009 10:13

see relevant articles in the archive section of our web site re ASN perspective re anarcho-syndicalist activity

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Jun 16 2009 20:52

Hi LeftResistance,

You could try contacting them through the Melbourne ASF. Our email is

Hope that helps.

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Jun 27 2009 15:32

Went to the ASF meeting today,

Was a good afternoon...oh by the way I wont be able to make the 11th July...

Nice work though with the resource centre....lools awesome.