Auckland Anarchist weekend: Film, Dinner and Talks (13 – 15 March)

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Mar 11 2015 19:42
Auckland Anarchist weekend: Film, Dinner and Talks (13 – 15 March)

Aotearoa Workers’ Solidarity Movement (AWSM) is holding a weekend of Anarchism from Friday 13th of March to Sunday 15th of March.

The weekend will be held at the Hum Café and Falling Apple Charitable Trust at 123 Grafton Road, Auckland central.

Accommodation is available for attendees outside Auckland.

Lucio (Movie)
Friday 13th, 8.30pm

Hub Café and Falling Apply Charitable Trust, 123 Grafton Road, Auckland Central
Public screening, $5 koha for the venue

“There are plenty of anarchists in the world. Many have committed robbery or smuggling for their cause. Fewer have discussed strategies with Che Guevara or saved tLucio Graphicshe skin of Eldridge Cleaver, the leader of the Black Panthers. There is only one who has done all that, and also brought to its knees the most powerful bank on the planet by forging travellers cheques, without missing a single day of work in his construction job. He is Lucio Urtubia, from a tiny village in Navarra in North of Spain. Lucio, 75, now lives in Paris, still raising anarchist hell.”

AWSM Congress 2015 (invite only)
Saturday 14th 9am-4pm and Sunday 15th 10am – 1pm

Hub Café and Falling Apply Charitable Trust, 123 Grafton Road, Auckland City
Internal congress of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement.
Facebook event.

Open to AWSM members and by invitation. If you would like to attend please email us.

Anarchist Dumpling Revolution + Shits & Giggles

Saturday 14th 7pm-late

New Flavour Restaurant (Dumplings), 541 Dominion Road, Mount EdenAuckland, New Zealand 1041

Anarchist revolutionaries from across Aotearoa New Zealand will land at Dominion Road to start the dumpling revolution. Come and help pay for our dinner… I mean… join interesting discussions about Llamas. Please RSVP as we’ll need to extend our booking… that sounds suspiciously like a rule… REFORMIST!

Anarchism and social change (public talk)

Sunday 15th, 1pm – 5pm

Hub Café and Falling Apply Charitable Trust, 123 Grafton Road, Auckland City
International speaker, panel with Q&A and group discussion.
Facebook event.

Are you interested in social change or anarchism as a tool for social change? This casual afternoon talk, panel and discussion is for you.

1300-1310: Welcome

1310-1400: Barry Pateman, US/UK anarchist
“For Albert Meltzer; this time it’s personal”

A song, a smile and a rapid exit. Musing on anarchism and anarchists and how they relate to everyone else. Reflections on the past and the present, failures and successes and direct action; such as strikes, lock-outs and rent strikes. Where can anarchism go and what could it be?

Barry Pateman is a long-time English anarchist living in Wellington. He is an anarchist historian, Kate Sharpley Library curator, “Black Flag” editor, Black Cross organiser and much more.

1400-1500: Anarchists in Action (Panel and Q&A)

A panel of four anarchists each give a 10 minute presentation on their organising ideas and activities, followed by a Question and Answer session.

John, member of Farmwatch
Kirsty, member of Tamaki Housing Group and Save Our Homes
MZ, member of Glitch Aotearoa and Young Asian Feminists Aotearoa
Nadia, member of Auckland Action Against Poverty

1500-1700: Anarchism’s role in social change today (Discussion)

A group discussion about the role of social anarchism, anarchist organising, organisation and social change.

Simon Oosterman (AWSM, Auckland Anarchist Network) will introduce the session with a short refresher on Social Anarchist Organising 101.