Australian Commodities crash

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Jul 20 2015 14:49
Australian Commodities crash

What do Australian comrades think about the changes in the Australian economy following on from the China slowdown particularly given the significant role played by mining exports as suggested in this article: and how are workers responding?

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Jul 21 2015 10:16
This blog has probably the best analysis of Australian affairs

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Jul 21 2015 10:27

From the article , " The end of the mining boom and the failure of the state’s capacity to implement its Plan A is complemented by the state’s simultaneously increase of repressive and authoritarian behavior: the return of soldiers to Iraq, the metadata laws, the effective decriminalization of state (or its private agents) murder of refugees in camps, and the massive police operation against teenage terrorism subjects. As capital accumulation falters, as the state proves ineffective as a planner for capital, there is an aggravated assertion of sovereignty and the expansion of the state of exception "

Interestingly also there has been a rapid increase in incarceration in Australia, with consequent overcrowding and deteriorating conditions,
last month 300 prisoners in Ravenhall Prison, Melbourne armed themselves and took over the prison for 15 hours, in response to a smoking ban
The smoking ban is about to be implemented in NSW and the prison authorities there are very worried

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Jul 21 2015 12:06

Hey all.
I'll try to write some more on all this soon, I also want to take into consideration the fall in the Australian dollar which is really a gigantic pay cut for Australian workers; add to this the current state strategy of increasing indebtedness as a form of privatised Keynesianism. It is all looking pretty full on

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Jul 23 2015 01:12

The boss press is whining that a looming strike is threatening the already troubled $73 billion Gorgon gas plant.

The workers facebook group mentioned in the article is here:

It looks like it was started by union and non-union workers alike but that they are all now in the union. Anyway there are some pretty interesting discussions on there.