autonomists in Sydney

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Feb 15 2010 11:51
autonomists in Sydney

I have been out of the scene for sometime and wondering what's the current status regarding autonomist, left commie/marxists, lib coms etc in Sydney?

I am somewhat familar with the goings on amongst the anarchists in Sydney but I am keen on more red than black, if you know what I mean?

Anyone meeting, intending to meet?

red regards from a redwog

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Feb 15 2010 12:27

Dunno about "autonomists", but there are/were a few left-communist types involved in the Sydney Class Struggle Discussion Circle, although that grouping doesn't seem to have met up for a few months. Possibly the same people did some leafletting for the recent postal strikes:

The Sydney leftcoms that I know of tend to use the revleft forums more than these ones, you could try contacting the revleft poster 'Niccolo Rossi' as he doesn't seem to often post here on libcom.

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Feb 15 2010 12:57

thanks soap; i'll look into it...

N. Rossi
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Feb 21 2010 06:30

Hi Redwog, thanks for the PM. I will reply to it shortly.

In response to Captain Soap's post, just to clarify, yes, the leaflet distributed at the postal workers rally in Sydney in December was indeed the work of sympathisers of the communist left who had previously participated in meetings of the Class Struggle Discussion Forum, however the CSDF is not responsible for the leaflet.

Also, whilst I don't post here often I'm always lurking. The discussion on libcom is of a much higher calibre than that on revleft in my opinion.

And finally, thanks for the referral. smile

Tim B
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Mar 7 2010 10:59


myself and a couple of others (6 people usually come) have started a weekly reading group of Capital recently. 3 of us were in mutiny, the others are independent marxists/lefties.. We have a blog:

We're about 10 chapters in, but if you're interested you should definitely come along! We meet at 6.30 Tuesday at The Goods Organic cafe on Crown Street.

Best, Tim