Brisbane: Black & Green Infoshop has moved

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Brisbane: Black & Green Infoshop has moved

1) Black And Green is new and has moved!

New location: 80 Ryan St, West End, Brisbane.
Same hours: Friday - Sunday, 11am -7pm.

For those who are hearing about us for the first time, B&G came together out of the Beating Hearts Press and Bastard Collective in May 2007 to have not only a cheap, non-profit anarchist and autonomous bookshop but an independent radical space in Brisbane to foster a broader radical autonomous community.

After a month at our old place on Hardgrave Rd we got evicted when the building was sold out from under us, so we're now at:

80 Ryan Street,
West End, Brisbane.
(About five metres from Orleigh Park / West End ferry terminal / 199 bus stop).

For updates visit

2) Black & Green has a bunch of new stock! (as of July)

Old, new and new-old (as they say on eBay)!

Some of these are so new we haven't even had time to price 'em. We're pretty damn sure that you can't beat out prices, though. Yes, including the internet.

Just some of the titles at B&G right now are:
-- No Gods No Masters (Guerin, single volume) - if you only ever read one anarchist anthology, this is it. The definitive works of Kropotkin, Proudhon, Bakunin, Stirner etc in a well translated, giant volume, previously available in French! POA.

-- By theft and murder: a beginner's guide to the occupation of Palestine (Curtis). A first-hand account from 2001 of a British peace activist's time in Palestine. $13

-- Pacifism as pathology (Churchill) - the new edition with a new introduction the definitive modern anti-pacifism book. We have tonnes of 'em. $14

-- Thought to exist (Jensen/Tweedy-Holmes) What's fun about animals in cages? Anti-zoo words (with photos) from anti-civilization poster boy. $24.50

-- The Vancouver Five (Campbell) - a new pamphlet (published by Bastard Press!) that examines B.C.'s Direct Action, who destroyed a dam substation, a porn video store and bombed the carpark of a weapons manufacturer in Canada in the early eighties, and includes the main communique following the bombings. $donation!

-- Slacker Hits (Black/Russell) - back in print! Work sucks. A look at alternatives to work, workerism and the working life. $donation

-- Endgame 1&2 (Jensen) Some people are already calling this his definitive work. Where to now for the anti-civilization movement? These two volumes have a lot of suggestions. $25 each.

-- Consensus: A new handbook for grassroots... groups (Gelderloos). A reference and guide to reaching consensus with diagrams, examples and a clear manner. POA.

-- Horizontalism: Voices of popular power in Argentina (Sitrin, ed.). After the IMF broke Argentina's economy, the people reacted with a movement to manage themselves and save their own communities. Haven't even had time to price 'em yet!

-- Free women of spain (Ackelsberg). The story of Mujeres Libres, the womens organisation that pushed the feminist agenda in the Spanish revolution and mobilised over 20,000 women. POA.

-- Biodiesel, basics and beyond (Kemp). Five hundred pages, with plenty of great illustrations. I can't imagine a more comprehensive book on the

-- Nuclear power is not the answer. (Caldicott) In case you have friends who still aren't sure. $25

-- Fugitive Days (Ayers). Weather Underground founder's life on the run from the law as one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted. Compelling. $16

-- Dreams of Freedom (Flores Magon). The works of Mexican revolutionary, translated for the first time. $20.

-- The World's Most Dangerous Woman (Moritz&Moritz) The new kick-arse biography of Emma Goldman that has unearthed a whole bunch of new details of her incredible life. $28

-- The Russian Anarchists (Avrich) The full-on history of Russian anarchism, from bomb-throwers and insurrectionists to workers councils and peasant self-managers. One of AK Press' best books. $20.

These are just some of the newer titles. We also have over forty titles of pamphlets available right now (and more than one hundred on the way!) ; reading library with anarchist newspapers and magazines from around the world ; CDs and DVDs (and vinyl!) and our cheery dispositions, too.

Come see us. You know where and when!