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Jan 30 2010 10:39
Callout for a new monthly Anarchist newspaper-melb

Hey all, this below is a tentative proposal for a new monthly Anarchist newspaper based in Melbourne:

Melbourne Black

Purposes and Coverage

Melbourne Black is proposed as an Anarchist newspaper covering campaigns and community organisations operating in the Melbourne metropolitan area that either exemplify or inform the ideals of Libertarian Socialism, as well as monitoring the actions of corporate and government actors which directly effect the area. The purpose of this coverage will be to inform Melbourne residents about goings-on in their local community; to publicise the efforts of local activists and community organisers, where the mainstream media provides none; and to draw links between struggles in the hope of promoting dialogue and cooperation among Melbourne activists.

Writers and Writing

Melbourne Black's staff will be organised as a collective, using consensus to decide all issues of membership, editorial policy, financial matters, distribution, etc. Beyond that, writers will be encouraged to pursue individual and varied projects either on areas of interest or campaigns in which they are involved.

An article in Melbourne Black should seek to represent the voices and ideas of those that it covers, regardless of the writer's thoughts on the matter. Articles should maintain as strict a separation between reporting and analysis as possible, though both are acceptable. To further prevent misrepresentation, it will be Melbourne Black's policy to accept and publish letters from any campaign or organisation it has reported on (though it may impose a word limit, and allow for a link to longer responses). These policies will support the additional goal of making the paper a useful tool for community organisations to communicate. Whilst we choose not to narrow our perspectives to those of only Anarchists, we maintain the right to refuse any coverage or analysis that is hostile or counter-productive to the aims of Libertarian Socialism.

Printing and Distribution

On a monthly basis, articles will be collected and prepared for printing as a folded A4 zine. There will be three ways of printing and distributing this:
1. Set up an e-mail list for individuals who want a regular "subscription" so they may either read the electronic form or print their own. A copy will always be sent to any organisation that is covered in the paper.
2. E-mail copies to organisations or social centres that are willing to do their own printing on their own terms.
3. Provide printed copies to social centres or organisations. Solicit donations for printing costs.
This strategy is designed to maximise available of hard copies of the paper at a minimum cost. In the long term, donations from well-financed organisations, such as friendly union branches, might allow an expanded operation.

If anyone is interested please feel free to come to our first organising meeting this Saturday, 6th of Feb at the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre (62 St Georges Road, Northcote) from 2pm


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Jan 30 2010 15:48

This sounds great,

Out of interest how do you envisage it from being different to mutiny (will it be a punk type zine)? It would be good to see something really grounded in libertarian socialist ideas. Keep us updated & let us know how it goes.

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Feb 1 2010 00:31

I'm in...

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Feb 1 2010 05:58
a folded A4 zine

A5 cool
Great idea chaps.

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Feb 1 2010 06:17

hey Kuro,

thanx, yeah I think we may be a fair bit less punk than Mutiny, further we are looking to be focused much more specifically on events in Melbourne.
Having said that, we'll no doubt change somewhat from the above callout once a collective is actually formed and so forth

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Feb 4 2010 02:36

Each issue will be hand-bound with 100% fair traide organic single origin hemp thread.

Tim B
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Feb 4 2010 02:57


i'm glad this project is happening, the local focus especially sounds good.

I don't think mutiny zine is particularly punk though-at least when i last checked we weren't.


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Feb 4 2010 09:12

Sweet, don't make it suck.

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Feb 5 2010 00:01

Mutiny collective as of February 2010