compulsory censorships of our interwebs...

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Jan 2 2008 09:08
compulsory censorships of our interwebs...

When i first heard about this i didn't feel anything. I was just numb i don't know if it was shock or what. But slowly and surely the anger has started to creep its way into my mind. Are these retards for real? Is Kevin Fudd and the Jesus freak patrol really going to censor our internet? Can they do this? Can they be stopped? What the hell does Mr. I go to strip clubs in New York got against the internet and its questionable material anyway? Seriously we put up with allot of crap from these governments but this is just going too far.

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Jan 2 2008 13:37


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Jan 2 2008 14:11

I presume the op is referring to this fucked-up shit right here.

Which isn't actually compulsory, as it turns out, but still...