Don’t be bullied by the boss

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Apr 21 2010 10:48
Don’t be bullied by the boss

From the AWSM website:

Don’t be bullied by the boss

A recent multi-university report highlighting bullying in the workplace should come as no surprise. The study of “1728 education, health, hospitality and travel sector workers found nearly one in five had been bullied at work. A further 75 per cent of employees said they had suffered workplace stress at some point.”

In a society underpinned by wage slavery, divided between the robbers, the capitalist class and the robbed, the vast majority of us in the working-class, bullying is not just the case of ‘incompetent managers’ but is institutionalised in the system. The drive for profit will always undermine workers health and safety. While bullying does occur between fellow workers, anyone with some workplace experience knows that it’s the boss who inflicts most of the harassment and intimidation.

If we are to seriously confront bullying we need to build a society which places the needs and priorities of workers first. We need to tackle the root cause of the problem which is the state and capitalism.

In the meantime, we need to build a workplace culture built on solidarity and self-organisation from below that challenges every form of prejudice and discrimination. A culture which takes no shit from the bosses, whether in the home, school or work.

Solidarity is Strength!

For more practical advice on confronting bullying see LibCom’s Dealing with bullying at work guide.