Food Not Bombs vs Talisman Sabre 2011

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Jul 2 2011 02:14
Food Not Bombs vs Talisman Sabre 2011

Food Not Bombs is holding a Kitchen against Operation Talisman Sabre. The kitchen will be on at 1pm, 16th July at Brisbane Square, Brisbane

Everyone is welcome some come along for a good feed, and maybe get involved in further actions.

Donations of grains, spices, pulses, cooking oil and large stock pots will be gladly accepted.

Also Food Not Bombs has a number of banners. If you are able to help do banner drops then get in contact at bsmn at

Our flyer is available for download at

For more info look at

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Jul 9 2011 05:32

Good work comrades! We recently had a successful picket against a defence expo here. Successful meaning it was fun, there was people there all day, and a great rally in the evening. The seven news report was very sympathetic too, shat all over the military companies and the (public)schools accepting their cash drops to buy their best and brightest.