Have some friends moving to Melbourne

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Dec 17 2009 06:17
Have some friends moving to Melbourne

Who are somewhat far-left inclined, anyway they don't know anyone and need to find either a place to rent or would live in a squat, it's just the pair of them, a hetro couple. Does anyone know of a squat/anywhere to rent? They're planning to move in about four weeks I think...


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Dec 17 2009 17:40

There's the loophole community centre on high street, which has 4 people living there and is part-funded by squatters. Alot of squatters go through there to hang aswell and there's food not bombs servings out the back on sundays. They could probably go there and just say hi and that they wanna meet some squatters or someone who needs housemates. Everyone at loophole is real nice, when i went there i walked in and said hello and ended up hanging out there for my whole stay, fixed a bike to ride, saw combat wombat up the road it was amazing.
website: http://loopholecommunitycentre.org/