How the education union has let down Victorian teachers

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May 4 2013 18:28
How the education union has let down Victorian teachers

Looks like the AEU Victorian branch has fucked up pretty badly.

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May 5 2013 00:47

Ites is correct that the AEU Vic Branch has stuffed things up royally. The deal will probably get up, because teachers have been waiting so long for a pay rise and getting any better deal would require a substantial increase in militancy. What the AEU bureaucrats have extracted is what could have been expected from a campaign which did nothing for 12 months and then had 3 one-day strikes 6 months apart. The work bans the teachers put on were pretty light and while having some impact, were no substitute for a proper strike.

The thing that has united all the critics is the officials' dishonesty in selling the deal. The "16-20%" pay rise the AEU bureaucrats are claiming includes annual increments that:

(a) Have been in the teaching pay scale for decades, if not a century;

(b) Don't apply to teachers who have more than 10 years experience, since they will have reached the top of the scale; and

(c) Don't cost the employer a cent, since new teachers at the bottom of the scale replace retiring teachers at the top, thus cancelling out the cost of increments for teachers with between 1 and 10 years of service.

Union bureaucrats selling out and then gilding the lily on the sell-out deal is not news to people on the Left. What is news is the fact that a capitalist newspaper is prepared to publish criticisms of this variety. In fact, I've never seen it before. And this is not the only example of criticism of the AEU deal. The Age has published 4 letters to the editor on the topic and 2 news articles that cast doubt on the agreement. Something is definitely going on and it will bear careful watching.