Howard the enemy

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Aug 20 2006 05:22
Howard the enemy

Dear Communist comrades.

John Howard the prime minister of Australia is a puppet of his capitalist masters. He claims to be the best friend the Australian workers ever had but he is a lier to no end. He was the one that brought in the Industrial Relation laws that strip the wokring class of the hard won rights. He has seen the mass protests but he has not done what the masses want him to do. He was the one that brought Australia in to the Iraq war that killed 20,000 iraqis and 2,500 American people what was good. America and the capitalists are the greatsist threat to world peace since Adolf Hitler and the Germans. John Howard only servs the interests of his masters and the President of America that is also the puppet of the Capitalists. We the working class must rise up and over through these exploiters of the working class and free the wokring poeple from the masters. VIVA THE COMMUNISTS.

Peter Watson.
The enemy of the capitalists.