Interview with Save 198 Free Youth Health Centre campaigner

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Apr 10 2010 10:03
Interview with Save 198 Free Youth Health Centre campaigner

In Christchurch, the 198 Free Youth Health Centre is set to close its doors on April 30th. Over 4000 10-25 year olds are registered with the service as their primary doctor, while in 2009 nearly 15,000 people walked through the doors to make use of the free GP, counselling, family planning, sexual health, alcohol and drug services and more. The centre, which has been operating for 15 years, has been an indispensable tool in ensuring the health of many of Christchurch’s young people. 198 has received comments from many of its patients to the effect that if it had not existed, they would not have sought help anywhere else. This sobering thought only further underlines how important it is that 198, and other services like it, find the funding it needs to ensure its survival.

A video interview with Cody, one of the youth involved in the campaign to save 198, is available here on Youtube. Video by the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement.

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Apr 21 2010 05:12

Best of luck to you! It's shit when places like this close down.