Lillydale Chicken: Free range chickens - Caged workers!

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Oct 2 2010 05:35
Lillydale Chicken: Free range chickens - Caged workers!

I finally got some time to myself, so i'm gonna spend it writing reportbacks on the two latest events in little-city class struggle. This one first, the second in a larger more pronounced post.

Adelaide Fresh Choice Poultry as far as i know:

An African migrant worker in a chicken processing plant in Adelaide's norther suburbs overheard some racist manager talk, and followed it up with a complaint, which was then 'lost' by managers, but which he then went about finding himself, and was then sacked. Workers have reported overhearing constant racist remarks by managers, and being abused by managers at work.

For once, the union(National Union of Workers) has been all over this like a wet blanket and called a snap picket at the factory within a fortnight. The turnout was the usual to a mid-day rally; a horde of union bureaucrats, lots of friends of the sacked worker, those of us who got the day off work, and some students.

While the picket was going on, the managers refused to let workers outside on their break, so the picket never made contact with anyone working inside. This has prompted the creation of a gag logo of the host chicken company for the campaign - "Lillydale Chickens - Free range chickens, Caged workers".

I gave some of our IWW rip off pamphlets "A workers guide to direct action" to people at the picket with friends inside the factory, so with any hope those get inside and we see if that helps quicker than the NUW's 'national petitioning' will(which i believe is up to 1000 signatures, according to facebook).

That's all i've got on that for now!
I'd provide a picture of the picket, but there isn't any good ones with our sick may day banner, infact, none of when we were even there (obviously a reformist plot against us).

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Oct 3 2010 03:47

Nice one, Gabs.

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Oct 3 2010 13:06

Good shit mang