MAGIC, and some reflections on the hometown military industrial complex.

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Sep 8 2010 04:03
MAGIC, and some reflections on the hometown military industrial complex.

Please read on for info about 'MAGIC', and also continue reading what i write, as it's somewhat of a reflection on South Australian military industrial complex spurred on by this exciting and inspiring turning point in autonomous killer-robot technology.

As many will remember, Rememberance Day 2008 was set to hold the Asia-pacific defence and security exhibition. It was cancelled for threats of a well mobilised demonstration, but the shady deals went ahead behind closed doors anyway. Still, it cost the convention centre a couple million dollars, but that didn't put them off facilitating a smaller one eight months later.

I dare-say it all started back in the 50's when the UK started testing bombs in the desert way north of Adelaide(but not so north that the fallout didn't blow over the city/food region *tugs collar*).
South Australia is home to some of the most advanced military industry and research facilities in the world. We've got everything here, a 21st century shipyard(in construction), submarine factory(thats where you work if you grow up in the Port), Woomera testing site(thankfully north enough that all the mis-fired missiles don't hurt anyone), factories building tanks for canada, small suburban businesses designing weapons systems for any military with the cash, university curriculums and facilities completely bought out by military research and development companies and state bodies, the lot, blah blah. If you live in the northern suburbs, you probably had the privilege of sneaking through holes in the air-base fence and playing football as a kid and getting told off by commandos.

Its not just the universities that have been bought out by the military industry, they've also bought out high schools. I went to a special science and maths school(highest funded public school in the state, next to Roxby Downs high school(BHP bought out the curriculum there)). On yearly graduation nights, representatives from the defence force would come and give special awards to top students. At other high schools, new science facilities have been built, and ribbons cut by defence officials and high up pollies. In short, everyone just thought we were getting sweet schools, you know, so kids can learn science...?

In short, its with this rich history of knowing that your hometown is where a sizeable chunk of the worlds military technology and uranium for world war 3 is gonna come from, that I welcome the killer-robot competition with open arms.

Gabs out.

PS: The thing about killer robots is that unlike regular soldiers - if they pillage and blow up hospitals and schools and kill lots of kids, you can't lay the blame on them or the generals or the manufacturer.

PPS: Isn't it disappointing that technology has already progressed to autonomous killer robots? We haven't even had a chance to experience cool mech-warrior style battle suits, like in Mech Warrior, or the Matrix. What the shit?
"The Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge (MAGIC 2010) is jointly sponsored by the Australian and US Departments of Defence to attract innovative proposals from worldwide research organisations to develop next-generation fully autonomous ground vehicle systems that can be deployed effectively in military operations and civilian emergency situations.

What’s the challenge?
The challenge requires competitors to submit proposals demonstrating the use of multi-vehicle robotic teams that can execute an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission in a dynamic urban environment.
Shortlisted competitors will need to field cooperatives of unmanned vehicle prototypes with the ability to autonomously and dynamically coordinate, plan and carry out tasks against changing priorities.
The challenge event will be conducted in Australia during November 2010. "