melbourne ) rev eco reading group 3 on 23/06/2011

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Jun 3 2011 01:56
melbourne ) rev eco reading group 3 on 23/06/2011


Details of a session of ' revolutionary ecology and beyond 3 '


loop hole community
670 High St in Thornbury

Thursday 23rd of June from 6.15pm

Readings are below or can be obtained by the website and email below. You are encouraged to have read all OR most of below.

Readings list
“Peak Oil” and “Resource Curses” from a Class Perspective by George Caffentzis

a response by Andreas Exner

a related commentary on oil and food at 23/03/2011 9.34 am by Nic

Accumulation Crisis as Ecological Crisis: The End of Cheap Food, Cheap Energy, and Cheap Labor
eco-socialism!’ or why so called left-green states are a problem for
revolutionary ecology .. and beyond
COP15: On the Failure of Ecology to Analyse and Subvert Suicide Capitalism

website of rev eco and beyond

Thanks, please let me know if you plan to attend

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Jun 17 2011 08:36

hey woooo, been extremely busy and not going to make it this time around. I'll try and do some of the readings and put some comments up here, on swecw or the blog thing. I've been quite slack the last few months. Hope it goes well.