National Rally for Reproductive Freedoms, Sydney - Saturday 29 May 2010

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May 26 2010 03:46
National Rally for Reproductive Freedoms, Sydney - Saturday 29 May 2010

There is a rally this weekend to support reproductive freedoms, its been organised by the Freedom Socialist Party (or a front) i think.... Here is the post up:

National rally for abortion rights
Date: Saturday, 29 May 2010
Time: 11:00 - 14:00
Location: Martin place, Sydney.

Abortion rights under attack pro-choicers say fight back

The global attack by right wing forces on women’s abortion rights is being felt in Australia. In Cairns, in far north Queensland, a young couple faces trial and probable imprisonment under the state’s 1899 Criminal Code for procuring an abortion. The Right To Life has chosen Sydney to host its international conference. This meeting of anti-abortion groups around the world may embolden their Australian affiliates.

On May 29th 2010, the first-ever national rally for abortion rights will be held in Sydney. Pro-choice people will rally to support the view that abortion is a woman’s right to choose. This is a chance for people across Australia to call for free, safe, accessible abortion on demand in all states and territories. As part of this, the rally will show solidarity with the Queensland campaign to drop the charges against the Cairns couple and decriminalise abortion in that state.

In Melbourne, Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights is organising a Victorian contingent to the rally. If you believe in a woman’s right to choose and want to get involved, contact CWRR. Ph (03) 9388 0062 or email