New IR legislation in QLD

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May 23 2012 23:29
New IR legislation in QLD

Hi all, for those that haven't seen it the new IR legislation can be found here. For those not used to reading legislation start with the explanatory notes .

Basically the new legislation will be used in the coming EB negotiations in the public service and to enforce the presumed cuts that will follow the delayed budget - those in public transport are really in the firing line.

There are some rumbles around the QCU about opposing this, but don't hold your breath. Hopefully the Brisbane Workers Assembly will be more material in the next few weeks and we can start to preemptively solidify some networks of solidarity before the offensive...

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May 27 2012 11:46

Thanks for this, some important discussions ahead

There may be times when our public services are so affected by industrial action that the public interest will be best protected by the Queensland government intervening to end the dispute. Having regard to the damaging effects protracted industrial action can have on Queensland businesses, workers and their families, as well as the risk it can pose to the safety and welfare of the community, the bill introduces a power for the Attorney-General to intervene and make a declaration requiring the industrial action to cease....

Queenslanders as consumers of essential services will benefit from provisions such as this which are aimed at
mitigating severe disruption caused by protected industrial action. Finally, it will assist the government and the community at large by minimising the incidence of disputation that causes severe economic and social damage.