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Jan 27 2015 06:54
New to Melbourne

I moved to Melbourne about a week ago and am looking to meet people/find projects to get involved with. Intending to stay here until sometime around June. My political interests at the moment are mostly around prison abolition, communisation theory, afro-pessimism, decolonization, critical gender and sexuality stuff. Also interested in meeting people involved with anti-mining, logging, urban development.
If anyone could suggest any groups or people to get in touch with I'd be grateful (either in this thread or through a direct message)

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Jan 27 2015 07:05

Come down to MAC at 62 St. George's Rd., Northcote. Take a No. 88 tram or get off at Merri Station.

Open from 12pm on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays.

or check the facebook page.